Parts List

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Here is a list of parts we used for the project.

image:Tick.png means we have bought,borrowed or stolen the part.



  • 12x12x800mm Aluminium square tubing, 1mm thick walls. image:Tick.png
  • 4 x 13x120mm flat bar, 2.5mm thick. image:Tick.png
  • 4mm bolts and lock nuts. image:Tick.png
  • 4 x Hacker 20-20 motors or equivalent, the hacker clones are much cheaper.
  • 4 x Ground contact switches. The last word on whether we have landed or not.


The electronics stack is divided into 6 components.


  • 2 x IDG-300, Integrated Dual-Axis Gyro.
  • MicroMag3, 3-Axis Magnetic Sensor Module. Datasheet
  • MMA7260Q, ±1.5g - 6g Three Axis Low-g Micromachined Accelerometer. Datasheet image:Tick.png
  • LV-MaxSonar -EZ4, Sonar Range Finder.
  • MP3H6115A, Integrated Pressure Sensor. image:Tick.png
  • 2x LTC1867L, 16-Bit, 8-Channel 175ksps ADCs. image:Tick.png
  • ARM7 16-bit/32-bit ARM7TDMI core, Microcontroller.

Power board

  • Atmel ATmega8, Microcontroller. Datasheet image:Tick.png
  • ACS756, Hall Effect Current Sensor. 100A
  • Voltage divider for battery voltage measurement. image:Tick.png
  • LTC1867L, 16-Bit, 8-Channel 175ksps ADCs. we are just going to use the 10bit A/D on the ATMega8.
  • R-78B3.3-1.0, 3.3v DC/DC-Converter 1A Pin-out compatible with LM78XX Linears. Datasheet
  • R-78B5.0-1.0, 5v DC/DC-Converter 1A Pin-out compatible with LM78XX Linears. Datasheet

High level controller

  • FOX Board LX 8+32 [1] image:Tick.png


To be decided.


To be decided.

Electronic Speed Control

  • 4x Atmel ATmega8, Microcontrollers. Datasheet
  • Hobby brushless speed controller.

We are probably going to use ready made i2c compatible speed controllers. Two types we are looking into are

The advantage of the Bl-Ctrl is that it's cheap, while the YGE 30 i is nearly double the price. On the other hand the YGE 30 i can supply up to 30A continuous current, but the Bl-Ctrl can only do 10A. So it's going to be a trade off between price vs power.

Support Equipment